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What is the best food for my pet?

Kibble? Home-cooked? Wet/dry? Raw? Grain-free?

Confused? Not anymore!

If your pet is suffering from a food allergy, our dermatologist Kathryn will help you to find a suitable food for them. Why not try a Skinvet Ireland-recommended food? Shop here.

If your pet’s nutritional requirements are more complex, or you would like a correctly balanced recipe for your pet’s home-cooked food, then we recommend booking an appointment with Cecilia Villaverde of Expert Pet Nutrition. Cecilia is Ireland’s only specialist in veterinary nutrition, and she visits Skinvet Ireland on a regular basis. Phone 021-4634443 to book your pet’s appointment.

Cecilia Villaverde (Expert Pet Nutrition) and Kathryn Cuddy (Skinvet Ireland)

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