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Get expert care for your pet suffering with allergies

Licking or biting feet?
Recurring ear infections?
Hair loss?
Tummy upset?

If your dog, cat or other pet is experiencing these symptoms, you need expert care. Allergies are distressing for pets and their families, and will worsen over time if not treated. The good news is that your pet can get back to enjoying their life with help from Skinvet Ireland – book an appointment now.

We brought our French bulldog Arthur to see Kathryn. He had been suffering with severe skin allergies for over 3 years, and he ended up on steroids for 2 years. This had a drastic effect on his temperament, personality and body. This broke our hearts as he was always such a happy, loving and affectionate dog. We were not hopeful at all as poor Arthur’s allergies were just so bad. Within 4 weeks of our first appointment, Arthur was off the steroids and his skin was showing rapid improvement. Kathryn connected with me weekly initially to go through any questions we had. If anything was changing in his skin she was on it immediately with recommendations that had immediate benefits. The new skin routine we have for Arthur has transformed him; he is happy, active and affectionate. We can’t believe the difference in our pet since we started seeing Kathryn. We would highly recommend her to anyone who has a pet with any skin issues. She is a miracle worker! 

Barbara & Ronan, Meath
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