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Refer a Patient

Email or phone 021-4634443 to refer a patient to our veterinary dermatologists.

We look forward to working with you on this case, and you will receive written reports as the case progresses.


Ear scope procedures are always performed at our clinic in Cork. If you have an acute or chronic ear case that you feel would benefit from video-otoscopy please contact us by email or phone.

Our pledge to referring vets

Our goal is your goal – to resolve our patients’ skin and ear disease.

Many of these diseases are complex, and require long-term treatment at Skinvet Ireland. For patients whose disease is controlled, their long-term treatment can be performed at their primary care vet, but please understand that some owners may choose to continue this treatment at Skinvet Ireland. We do not perform any routine veterinary care (vaccinations, neutering, etc.) or any non-dermatological consultations. Non-dermatological health concerns will be referred back to the primary care vet, or to an appropriate veterinary specialist.

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