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Itchy Pets

Eliminate itch from your pet’s life

We wanted to send you on some great feedback about Murphy and to say thanks so much for all your help. We couldn’t be any happier with the service we got from you. He’s doing really well, all his hair has grown back, and his tail especially is amazing. There is no scratching at all, and his energy and form is so much improved. Thanks again for everything you have done for us, it’s so much appreciated.

Mark, Matthew & Murphy

It is very distressing to see your dog or cat constantly scratching, licking or biting themselves. We know how frustrated you are that previous treatments have not worked for your pet.

There are many causes of itch in dogs and cats. We know how to identify your pet’s cause, and fix that itch. Book an appointment now.

Allergies are common cause of itch – read more about allergies here.

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