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Let’s fix your pet’s ear infections

Ear infections hurt. A lot. Your pet shouldn’t have to put up with pain.

If your pet is suffering from recurrent ear infections, you need to act now. If left untreated, the ears will be irreversibly damaged, requiring complicated surgery. We have successfully treated many pets with severe ear infections, without the need for surgery.

Our treatment involves:

  • A thorough consultation to explore the history of your pet’s ear infections and identify any other skin problems
  • Ear sampling to identify infections
  • Cleaning the ear with a video-otoscope
  • Assessing the ear canal and the eardrum under high magnification
  • A simple stress-free treatment plan

Below is a video of a pet’s ear being cleaned with our video-otoscope. We video every procedure so we can show you what is happening inside their ears.

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